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Ive read lots of articles online about how much money there is to be made in membership sites. How great the income is. They talk about recurring income, stable income and evergreen. Now the one thing that most of these writers have in common is they have never actually run a membership site.

I started running membership sites back in 1996 and they have been my most profitable way of making money online…period.

The great thing about membership sites compared to say product launches is. With a product launch most people launch the product and they get a large influx of new buyers in the launch period but then thats it. With the membership model if you bring in 1000 members in the first month they will if the site is built right and serves the niche then they will stay month after month. The only thing you need to do is find new members to replace the members leaving.

Lets run the maths, product launch you sell 1000 copies of your software or ebook. The week after the launch is finished and someone else is launching their new product yours is forgotten about so you then have to go about finding new buyers.

But with a membership site if you have a 1000 buyers in the first month and you have a 20% drop off then you only need to replace 200 members each month to keep the same level of income. Which is a whole lot better than finding 1000 each month.

Running membership sites have always been considered hard to do, with software that takes a lot of setting up but my good friend Steve Benn is releasing his new cloud based system that is going to make running membership sites simple. With his cloud based system you can set up a membership site in only minutes.

Take a look at this demo here

I have also included an amazing bonus for it that is only available to the first 100 people who claim it. The bonus is worth over $1400 in total and will help you get your membership sites off the ground.



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