Retargeting – Why You Should Be Using It!

We use retargeting on every product of our own that we promote. Now if anyone doesn’t know what retargeting is. The simple explanation is that when a visitor hits your site and they don’t buy then they are retargeted with banners and ads on facebook, twitter and other websites.

It has a very powerful effect on sales and can great increase them, it also builds targeted list of potential buyers that you can re target other products to. We have seen great success use different platforms but probably our best one is Perfect Audience.


Whats great about this is they have a free trial and they actually give you $100 to test it out and see if it works for you.

Over the next few weeks I will be putting together an in depth traffic course so if you would like to get the first look at it and find out how to use Perfect Audience to your advantage and get results like this.


Cost of $505.11 with a conversion value of over $3300 a profit of $2800 on totally lost sales.



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